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What is Cycle The 6ix?

The first bike we rebuilt — A vintage Norco Storm

We started with the mission of helping get good, affordable bikes into the hands of regular people. Our idea was to rebuild used department-store bikes into decent bikes what we'd enjoy riding ourselves.

So in spring 2017, we rented a garage in the Pape & Danforth area of East Toronto and launched Tall Trees Cycles. Our original garage shop became a bit of a hub for local cyclists, providing our full range of services at affordable prices.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to close our garage-shop in 2018, and have since continued without a retail location.

In late 2020, we rebranded Tall Trees Cycles as Cycle the 6ix to better align our name with our mission of getting people in Toronto cycling.

Although often derided by "serious" bicycle enthusiasts, certain "department store" bikes can be rebuilt into excellent-quality bikes.

We specialize in rebuilding carefully selected department store bikes into quality bikes that ride well.

We look for bikes that have good frame designs, then repair manufacturing defects, put the bike on a diet, upgrade parts of the drivetrain that are substandard, and finish with a full tune-up.

The results speak for themselves.

CCM Excelsior — Acquired as a frameset. Completely rebuilt and even colour-matched. Better than new.
CCM Orion — Manufacturing defect repaired
Supercycle Tempo — Full drivetrain upgrade

Where is Cycle The 6ix?

Our approximate location (address is not accurate). Please contact us before visiting.

Cycle The 6ix serves the City of Toronto and the surrounding areas.

We offer on-site and pick-up/drop-off services (for an additional charge) for most locations within the city of Toronto (postal codes starting with "M").

We currently do not have a retail location, but our workshop is conveniently located near Eglinton GO Station in Scarborough.

We unfortunately cannot offer public access to our workshop at this time, aside from pick-ups and drop-offs.
Please contact us before visiting.

We hope to return to a retail service location in East Toronto in 2022.

Who is Cycle the 6ix?

Spencer Martin Navarra-Chew (aka Martin Navarra)

My name is Spencer, and I've been working on bikes since I've been old enough to hold a wrench. I got heavily into working on bikes in the 90's as part of the burgeoning mountain-biking scene.

In the 2000's I started building custom bikes for myself, and in the 2010's I started building bikes for family and friends.

In 2017 I decided to work on bikes full-time ,and started Tall Trees Cycles, which became Cycle The 6ix.