These are just a small sample of the many bikes we've built, re-built, repaired, or sold over years

City Hybrids

A mix of comfort and speed. These typically have some sort of suspension, but a lower riding position like a road bike.

CCM Orion - Possibly the best bike ever sold by Canadian Tire

Top: GT Transeo — Bottom: Norco Monterey

Flat-Bar Road/Hybrids

Lighter, leaner, and faster, but still practical

Top: Specialized Sirrus — Bottom: Schwinn Volare

Giant FCR 3W - This is when I first got it; note that the seat-post is mounted backwards for some reason

Rugged Comfort Hybrids

Slower riding and with a more upright seating posture, these can be used for light off-road use too!

Schwinn Santa Monica - I've rebuilt a few of these; they're a fantastic value if taken care of.

Top: Iron Horse Desperado Bottom: Schwinn Hydra

Drop-Bar Road

Built purely to be lightweight, fast, and efficient. Vint

Top: CCM Presto Bottom: Custom McKinley Citadin

CCM Endurance - Canadian Tire's flagship road bike. An affordable introduction to road bikes.

Vintage Mountain Bikes

Comfortable, rugged, and classic. As comfortable around the city as they are on light trails.

CCM Pro Blitz - One of CCMs better bikes. This beauty was 100% stock and barely needed a tune-up.

Top: Iron Horse ARS 600 Bottom: Norco Storm